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In the world, 118 countries out of 195 speak English, which is the most widely-spoken language in the world. English is also the dominant language on the internet. Nearly 54% of content on the internet is in English. It may be your first language or second; you would be just starting to learn this language or have mastered the basics; you would be ratting yourself pretty good overall but still feeling slow at reading, writing, and listening in English a few times. There is something important that we didn’t understand correctly about this language—and it’s so powerful and paramount to get a strong grip over the English language.

The grammar and basic rules of English can be learned in school and English coaching institutes; however, Vocabulary is something that you have to practice it yourself and better it’s done regularly and continually. When you are watching your favorite Netflix show or movie in English; you struggle to read a few dialogues even with the subtitle. If you are reading a book or blog—few new words slows your speed of reading down. If you are writing an email, blog, or essay; the words don’t come to the screen at the same rate as your thoughts.

Native speakers who grew up in an English-speaking country and went to college typically have a vocabulary size of 25-30,000 words. In contrast, non-native speakers usually have a vocabulary of 2-3,000 words. Weak vocabulary slow us down on our goal to read and write English with confidence and speed. Now, this is not something that you don’t know already. You would have tried improving your vocabulary, but for some reason, you are failing or struggling with this goal. Do you want to know why it’s challenging to learn and practice new words and build vocabulary?

  • If you are a professional or entrepreneur, it would be challenging to find time in your busy routine to build vocabulary.
  • You look up to the meaning of new words on the dictionary, but after a few days, you would not remember the meaning of that word.
  • There are so many words in English (as per the Oxford Dictionary, there are 750,000 words approximately and 171, 476 words in current use), and you give up knowing it’s impossible to learn these many words. It’s stressful to decide where to start and focus.

The Inspiration

At the beginning of my career, I was a web developer. Neither I had studied in English medium nor was any good at English when I started my career. I have my fair share of struggle with this language. I tried everything in the last 15 years to get better and fast in English reading and writing. I figured the tenses and grammar but have always been struggling with weak vocabulary. I started to look up for a good mobile app to build vocabulary. I was looking for these things in the App.

  • I should be able to add a “new word” in the App, which I found in a book, blog, or movie that I am reading or watching—quickly to start practicing it.
  • The App should perfectly fit in my busy lifestyle with a productive and clean interface that focuses on practicing only “one-word” at a time.
  • I know there are only a few hundred words that people frequently use in day to day English conversation, I wanted to focus on those words first, and the App should suggest one-word every day from these “Frequently Used” words.
  • I would like to have a reminder and notification at some time-interval to practice my today’s word.
  • I would also prefer to have an easy option to practice and revise my past words.

You would have already guessed that my hunt for an app wasn’t successful. Hence, I decided to build an app – Vocab Nerd, which has all these important features that help me to learn and practice new words and develop my vocabulary. It’s a fun, fast, and easy way to learn new words daily. Give it a try!

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Beta Disclaimer: The app is available for “Beta Users” and is known to contain bugs and stability issues. If you have any suggestions or issues, contact us.

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