My WordPress Community Interview on WordPress.tv

I recently got an opportunity to talk about my experience and vision with WordPress and Community. I had my WordPress Community Interview with John Parkinson who has been the WordPress user for more than 6 years and an active contributor in WordPress.tv.

John asked me few really interesting questions which I answered in this video interview. I shared about how open source technologies like PHP and WordPress has helped me to lift up my career and life both. I have also shared about my journey with WordPress and what all we do at Multidots.

During this interview, John has mentioned about my article that I published in 2015 that was “How $200 investment turned into a million dollar IT Services business in India?” I have shared about the things that I have implemented and applied making Multidots a successful and profitable IT service Agency in India. John has specifically appreciated Multidots’ philosophy about maintaining and balancing the focus between very important pillars of every business – Company, Customers and Crew (Employees).

The balanced Triangle of Company, Customers and Crew at Multidots.
The balanced Triangle of Company, Customer and Crew.

John also asked me about the WordCamps and WordPress Meetups in India.

I said, according to my knowledge there are around 6-8 wordcamps which happen every year in India and the most popular and regular are WordCamp Pune and WordCamp Mumbai. Also, there are few new cities like Udaipur who has started to host the WordCamps for the first time – Check out the WordCamp Udaipur 2017. Regarding the WordPress meetups, there are many cities who manage to host and run meetups in their cities. I don’t know how active those are. We also have one meetup group in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad WordPress and many team members of Multidots are active participants and my business partner – Aslam Multani has been the host and active co-organizer of this Meetup Group.

John’s last question was “Do we (Multidots) encourage our team to contribute in WordPress?”

The answer is big “Yes”!! Our team has contributed in the core, translation, wordpress.tv and we are exploring more ways to contribute. Also, we are planning to increase our efforts and investment to contribute in WordPress Community in coming future.

It has always been very satisfying and rewarding experience contributing in WordPress community – that’s what we all at Multidots feel.

And at the last, I shared our vision with WordPress and WordPress Community in India.  India has got a young IT talent. And we would like to be their support system so that we can help and support young students and IT graduates to learn WordPress and build their career with WordPress. Our team at Multidots is really working hard and helping the community in India to grow and mature.

P.S. I have also given an another recent interview at kinsta and shared many interesting facts about my joureny, plan and visions with WordPress and Multidots.


My Interview with Kinsta

Kinsta has recently featured my interview on their famous blog under their another famous series of Kinsta Kingpin. Kinsta offeres managed wordpress and woocommerce hosting and really good with that.

I have shared so many interesting things about my journey with WordPress and Multidots. And all those things that we are up to with WordPress and Multidots. I have also talked about what kind of challenges that we have faced (and still facing the few) growing as big agency for WordPress, Web and Mobile Apps development in India.

There has been few really very important things that I would like to highlight here from my interview.

There is a question # Q3 – What challenges did you face in building the agency?

Though, I have shared many common challenges that generally every agency and entreprenure has to deal with. But the most critical, I am facing is the negative image of being an “Indian Agency”. During my recent business trips, many people shared the kind bad experience they had with few Indian IT Agency and because of that they really have negative image of Indian IT Agencies. I feel so sorry about that and I think this is really something we have to be worried about and have to work on the corrective steps.

And here is my favourite quote from the interview.

“We never work on projects, we work on building relationships” – I deeply and sincery mean it.

Thank you so much – @tomwillmot for recommending me to Kinsta for this interview. Special thanks to Nisha – our digital content writer at Multidots for helping me preparing the content for this interview and Kaushik – our graphic and design lead to coming up with the graphics for this interview.






Back to Blog

I think, It has been more than 3 years, I stopped blogging. I used to blog at my previous domain http://www.guptaanil.com (I don’t own it anymore) but then I dropped it. I thought, I really had not much to share or I felt lazy to blog.

But recently, I found pumped up to share my learning, experiences and interests on my social accounts.  And then, I realised, it’s time to go back to Blog and share the things going in my mind and around.

Unlike the past (Where I hosted and managed my blog with wordpress.org and myself), I have decided to host and manage my blog with WordPress.com so that I can just focus on writing and let WordPress.com manage the rest. Also, I got this new short domain – anilg.blog to begin my new blogging journey.

Wish me the luck and stay tuned!