Going Solo – my own great experiences of solo trips and why you must plan a trip alone with yourself?

While it may seem intimidating at first, travelling solo is a rewarding and unique experience. I have been travelling to many places mostly for the business purpose and attending business conferences around the world. Few trips were strategically planed solo and others were tragedically (my team members or family members couldn’t get the necessary visa to travel along with me ) thus I ended up making a bunch of solo trips in past few years.

Book Review – The ONE Thing

I have been a multi-tasking and I am still is up-to some extent. But recently, I have experienced that dismissing the distractions and FOCUSING on the right few things will get you the desired result compare to chasing for several things. 

To support my belief and getting to know more about the FOCUS, I have decided the pick this book and I can say it has certainly strengthened my belief for the FOCUS on the right few things and doing it really well rather chasing several things at the same time.