Closing Notes – 2019

Key highlights of the year

  • I decided to get into Yoga seriously this year and have been able to do around 57 classes this year. Read more about my yoga experience here.
  • Starting my morning routine early (between 6 to 7 am) was one of the goals of this year. I have been able to get up between 6am to 7am for 200+ days this year. The goal for the year 2020 is 5am to 6am.
  • Learning to swim has also been my long-time goal. And finally, I enrolled in taking swimming lessons since October month. And closed the year with 15 swim sessions.
  • There were few first-time experiences in the year of 2020 like – Snorkeling, Golfing, Horse Riding and Hiking.
  • I read around 10 new books this year.
  • Bought a few amazing products that made me happy, healthy and productive.
  • I started to use few new apps that helped me to stay fit, focused and productive.
  • Watching these web series in 2019 was both entertaining and educational experience.

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