My Favorite Apps – 2019

There is an app for almost everything. Many among those apps are big distractions and productivity monsters. But plenty of other apps can help you get things done, move faster, help you make a better decision, and help you organize your life and enhance your performance or craft.

Here is a list of apps that help me achieve my goals to stay fit, focused, and productive. – Music app that helps you to focus

Chris Lema at CaboPress recommended and mentioned about this app called It’s a functional music app. It has a variety of different musics that helps you to focus on your purpose. There are a few dozen music and sound apps, but is one of the unique kind apps where music is created with the help of neuroscientists and neuroscience in mind. Their patented neural phase-locking music technique scientifically helps your brain to stay focused. I have been using this app for quite a long time; I must say the results are excellent. I listen to, especially during thinking projects, blog writing, reading, and many other types of work that requires focus. Highly recommended, use this link and you will get one month free trial.

Audible – Audio Books to listen on phone

Audible is my one of my favorite time-filler app. It has one of the largest collections of Audiobooks. I use audible to listen to the audiobooks during my commute, walk, waiting time, and workouts. We listen to music while driving, walking, traveling, or even during workouts. I have been able to read and finish almost 20+ books on audible by just changing my habit listen to the audiobooks instead of music. And also if reading a book makes you feel sleep switch to Audiobooks (using apps like Audible). It will be fun listening to books instead of reading them. And especially in situations where you really can’t hold the book on your hand (like walking or workout or driving), listening to books is a perfect and productive way to utilize the time for the greater good.

Yoga Studio – Practice yoga anywhere

Yoga Studio is my pocketable on-the-go companion app for yoga practices. It has a variety of different classes, starting from 15 mins yoga to an hour-long yoga class that you can take from the comfort of your hotel rooms or airport lounges. I do prefer to go to a real yoga studio for yoga practices. Still, many a time when I am traveling, I would like to continue my yoga practices. And after trying a few yoga apps, I am hooked up to Yoga Studio, especially because you can save the class for offline access. It has a variety of different classes for different levels of yogis like – beginner, intermedia, and advanced. And it also classes for various purposes like Yoga for runners, back pain, relaxation, prenatal, traveling, etc.

Productive – Track your habits and goals

I started to use this app since my friend Jonathan Wold mentioned about it during CaboPress. The app helps me to track my habits and goals. I have been tracking my goals like reading books, waking up at 6 am, doing a cardio workout of 30 minutes, yoga, etc. The app is considerably simple to use. Tracking your goals or new habits is certainly worth considering, and apps like Productive makes it easier and fun.

WordSwag – Create quote banners on your phone

This app is quite cool if you want to create quote banners or posters for social media from your phone. They have a variety of different templates and formats to develop quick quote banners using your photos in your phone for your social media posting. It saves you a lot of time.

Snorelab – Record and listen to your snorings

I have denied it all the time that I don’t snore :-). And one day, I decided to find out if I really snore at night or not. I was planning to use a voice memo app on my iPhone, but then I found this app on AppStore. I started using it, and I found out that I do snore ,and few of those snores are epic ;-). The app records and gives instrumental visual data so you can learn what time in the night you snore a lot. Not only it helps you to record and listen to your snorings, but it also helps with remedy. All my friends who still claim that they don’t snore while sleeping, give this app a try, and you will find it out.

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