My favorite Gadgets and Tools – 2019

I invested my hard-earned money buying a lot of things in 2019 but the things here made me happy, healthy and productive.

Nomatic Backpack

I have been searching for a good functional, minimal, and travel-friendly backpack that gives me plenty of compartments to store and organize all my gadgets and stuff. After trying four or five different packs, my quest for my dream backpack ended when I found Nomatic Backpack. It’s the most functional backpack I have ever used with almost anything and everything that I can think of putting into it. After using my backpack for nearly a year, I had some issues with zippers recently. And they sent me a brand new backpack free of charge hence comes with excellent customer services and lifetime warranty.

UprightGo for Posture Correction

If you are like me seating on a chair or couches and working on computers for long hours and care for your posture corrections, then you should surely give it a try to Upright Go 2. I tried a few other shoulder/back straps, but I think Upright Go has sleek and advanced technology. Not only it helps you to train for the posture corrections but also tracks your postures throughout the day. So you can look at your seating and standing habits and data over time. 

Hidrate Spark – Smart Water Bottle

Drinking more (enough) water every day is something I have been failing for a long time. Hence, I turned to technology to help me with that. It was not difficult to find Hidrate Spark that looks great, track your daily water intake, and send both – cool and annoying reminders to drink more water. It also has an option to sync the data with your Apple Health App. Spark surely serves great aid for my goal, but I am also looking to try other smart water bottles.

Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows

My wife found this pillow on amazon as I have been suffering from neck pain. I have been using this pillow for over six months, and I must say even if you don’t have a nack pain but would care for your head and nack then don’t overthink and get one of these. The pillow is perfect for all types of sleeping positions and protects your neck.

Minimalist Slim Wallet

Minimal and functional is always my type. Hence, I have been looking for a slim wallet. I already have 4-5 different types of slim wallets, but I keep trying the new one. I found this cheap (and weird) wallet on amazon and ordered one of them. I was not sure if I would like it even after arrived I was about to return them, thank god I didn’t. I have used this wallet for over eight months, and it’s so good. Minimal, functional, slim (and cheap) makes it a perfect choice. I also use I-CLIP ‘Merica – Slate/Metallic Gray Frame wallet, which is a bit expensive but has its own charm.

Quip – Smart, Electric and Minimal Toothbrush

There are hundreds of smart and electric toothbrushes out in the market, and I tried a few of them for sure. But since I have started to use Quip, it would be sporadic that I’ll switch to any other toothbrush. Quip is Smart (2-minute timer with 30-second pulses), travel-friendly (come with a protective travel cover that mounts on any surface even on mirrors), Silk (3 months per charge and no bulky handles or wires). I also love their toothpaste.

Best iPhone Tempered Glass Case

I have been using a lot of shitty, bulky, and cheap iPhone cases, but this one here is the best of the best. It’s scratch-proof, glass case, light-weight, and fits and protects your phone. I dropped my iPhone X a dozen times, but both phone and case still stand strong and sexy. Also, it has a soft silicone bumper that absorbs shock and doesn’t turn yellow after use. 

Pocketable and Durable Eyewear

I am a pretty good collector of nice sunglasses. Among 10-15 other sunglasses, my ROAV BALTO BLACK GRAPEFRUIT sunglasses are by far the most high-tech, minimal, foldable, pocketable, light-weight, and durable sunglasses in my collection. They have great collections of styles and shades. I love them and prefer to wear them when I am traveling and want to pack minimal.

Portable Additional Monitor Display

I started to use an additional display pretty much from this year. And I must say that it absolutely boost your productivity. I bought AOC 15.6″ USB-C powered monitor, which is slim and full HD that is compatible with my Mac Book Pro. Any additional display is excellent for productivity and highly recommended. Still, I would particularly recommend using slim monitors as it’s so convenient to travel with them. And it fits perfectly well in my Nomatic backpack along with my other gadgets and devices.

Protective AirPod Case

If you own AirPods 1, 2 or Pro, I would highly highly highly recommend using this AirPod Case, if you like something light-weight and stylish. It comes with a variety of different colors, and the unique thing about the style is that you can mix two colors. It fits perfectly well and is very light and thin to fit in my minimal, light-weight preferences.

Let me know if you have any more questions about any of these tools in the comments.

P.S. Stay tuned for my list of favorite apps of 2019.

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