Happy Father’s Day, Papa!

Dear Papa, 

Today is the Father’s Day and I miss you really bad. It has been more than a year and half since you have gone. When I see you in my dreams being around me and then I have to wake up and face the reality, it hurts the most. A lot has happened since you are gone. I bought a new house last year in April in Ahmedabad. Mummy and all family member has seen the new house and they are very happy and liked this new house. It’s bigger and beautiful than the one we have in Arjun Homes. Though it’s on 10th floor, I am sure you would have loved our new house. 

Sonali is doing well and she misses you a lot. I know you always worried about Sonali not getting the Visa but finally Sonali & I have secured our US business visa in December 2018. And we moved in to San Francisco on 15th Jan 2019 exactly after one year since you left this world. It was very tough and emotional move to leave that house, Mummy, Kaushik, Aslam, all the good friends and family and great memories but it was needed so I had to do it.

Business is doing excellent. We recently celebrated Multidots 10th anniversary. It was great celebration and I wish you would have been around to bless us and witness this decade milestone that we celebrated. I mentioned to you about one type of exclusive and prestigious programs called WordPress VIP. Multidots has been officially selected as VIP service partner. Aslam, I and everyone in Multidots are very happy and proud about this. Though you would not understand what does that mean but you would be proud knowing it’s a big thing.

I flew to India to attend 1oth Anniversary and stayed 15-18 days. We all – Pintu, Pappu, Mummy and the kids went for one day picnic to a water park on Pintu’s birthday. I wished many years ago that we will go to a picnic/vacation with full family and regret that we couldn’t do it while you were around. We all missed you a lot. Kavya, Kishan, Pooja, Ansh and Aryan had a lot of fun in the water and later that day we also celebrated Pintu’s birthday. Kishan and Pooja both have passed their board exams this year and Kishan will go to college in few months.

I know that you are so obsessed with cricket and specially the Cricket World Cups. The Cricket World Cup 2019 has already begun. England is hosting the Cricket World Cup this year. India is playing very well in cricket. We have won the first two matches against Australia and South Africa team. The match with New Zealand went on draw and both the team got one point. India has 5 points from this games and today was the big and special day as India was playing against Pakistan. The match started 2:30 am in America but Sonali was so excited that we woke up at 3:30 AM to watch the match. India bat first and score 336 runs. The match got interrupted due to rain but India won this big battle by 89 runs. You would really have enjoyed this World Cup and all the matches.

I know you kept requesting me to have glass of drink with you but due to my busy work schedule, I kept promising you to do sometime later but then it was too late. I wish, I could have spent more time with you. I wish, we would have been watching a lot of cricket matches together. I wish, you would have lived few more years to see our new house. I wish, we would have gone to lot of family vacation. I wish, you would have been with me today here watching this cricket match and enjoying this special edition whiskey that I bought and was saving it knowing that you loved the blended scotch so much.

I wish, I would have been telling all of this to you in person. Love you and miss you Papa, wherever in this or any universe you are in!!

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    1. Write your story and share with the world if you can. I am just doing this small experiment to express some of our hard and tough feelings through writing. It works as therapy!

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