Learn & Connect, Read & Reflect – Challenge Accepted

It’s hard to tell whether it’s my team that is more excited about all these challenges that I threw every year or I. Challenges are the great way to test our true potential and also open the doors to all those hidden powers that are within. Challenges also push to participate and perform at our best. I have realized being a part of the challenge made me achieve more, and most importantly it made me felt like working in a team rather solo. I have opened up this new tradition at Multidots to invite my team to participate in different challenges to learn, accomplish and develop a few new habits. Looking at my team’s active participation and positive feedback, I feel more excited and energized to think and throw new challenges.

The “Read & Run” challenge of 2018 was very surprising and satisfying. I am so amazed to see the number of dots who has started to maintain a more active lifestyle and developing some noteworthy new reading habits. Well, why don’t you go to a detailed report on this challenge here to see yourself what was this challenge about how some of the members felt being part of this challenge? Don’t forget to congratulate the winners of that challenge. 🙂

Right after I concluded that challenge, it was the time for me to think about another challenge. Great Customer Service is one of the most important focus in Multidots. “Serving People, Solving Problem” is our mission & culture at Multidots . So, I decided to design this challenge around learning and knowing more about the culture and customs of our customers and effectively speaking the customers language – Challenge 2019 : Learn & Connect. Read & Reflect.

Learn & Connect

Knowing the fact that for a large number of Multidots customers, English is their first language. Hence, it is important for us as an agency to constantly invest and focus on refining and leveling up our “communication” skills. So this part of the challenge was to complete a course on UDemy on “American Accent Training for IT Professionals” to learn 120+ IT vocabulary clearly and correctly. The challenge was started on 15th Feb and deadline were to complete the challenge by or before 15th March and the first 15 finishers will be the winners. To my surprise, 16 dots completed the course before 15th March and more than 5 completed within five days.

All who participated in the challenge has learned new things and had unique experience. Hear them out.

It was a really great experience participating in this challenge. I have purchased the first time online course. It was very difficult for me to complete this course continues learning 3:35 hours but, I tried my best. After completing this course, my confidence level is increased. Thank you so much, Anil for this wonderful challenge.

Kaushik Baroliya | UI/UX Design Lead @ Multidots

It was just an incredible experience of learning. It will be really helpful while communicating with clients.

Gati Shah | Sr. App Developer @ Multidots

Read & Reflect

As part of our strategic expansion in North America, we have recently started business operations in California and Virginia to support our customer in the west coast and east coast. Hence, I have decided to learn more about the American culture, history, customs and many such great details that will help us to serve our customers in North America better and I couldn’t find any book better than “What Foreigners Need to Know About America from A to Z: How to Understand Crazy American Culture, People, Government, Business, Language and More”. So, I included this book as part of the second challenge which was designed for the leadership team at Multidots. They had to finish the book by or before 15th April and first five finishers will be the winner of this challenge.

Few of the participants shared their learning and experience about being part of this challenge.

This is first time I’m reading book for a challenge. I know that books could teach you so much and we should read as much possible and this is my initiative towards this book reading journey.

Suchit Patel | Sr. Business Development Executive

This book is total package for somebody who wants to understand America and people of this country. As it start with A-Z it cover all points like history of this nation, so much detailed information about American Flag , their festival and it meant to them, sports, families, relationships, religion, their custom with people , animal, Food(which is way different then us) and many more. It was quite an interesting read.

Vibha Tiwari | QA Manager @ Multidots

The Winners

All who participated and completed the challenges has learned something new and investment in education and learning is the most rewarding and recommended investment.

Winners of the “Read & Reflect” challenge are Shailesh Patel, Suchit Patel, Kushal Dave & Vibha Tiwari.

Winners of the “Learn & Connect” challenge are Anish Shah, Harsh Bhatt, Priyanka Behera, Dharmavijay Patel, Harish Patel, Bhumi Patel, Dipal Vadgama, Preshita Soni, Chirag Patel, Gati Shah, Nimesh Patel, Afsana Multani, Aslam Multani, Mayur Keshwani, Kaushik Baroliya, Sonali Gupta.

I am so grateful to my team for participating in this challenge and Congratulations to all the winners!

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  1. I am so grateful to be a part of this energetic winners group from team #Multidots. It was such a fantastic learning experience by accepting the “Learn & Connect” challenge. Thanks, Anil Gupta for suggesting this important course in the form of the challenge it is really helpful. 😊😇

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