Winners of 2018 Challenge – Run & Read with me

Last year (2018), I set up the goals to read, write and exercise. The target was to read 24 books, exercise for 240 days and write 24 blogs in a year. I didn’t achieve 100% of my goals, but I managed to finish 15 books, exercise for 149 days and wrote 8 blogs. I could have done better, but I am delighted that I made such small-goals as this little success keeps pushing me to develop good habits and disciplines.

Now, this blog is not about my results and my achievements. It’s more about my team at Multidots who also took the challenge of “Reading & Exercising” and gave me a fierce competition. I threw the challenge last year and invited my team at Multidots to join me and beat me on my workout and reading the challenge. And I announced that winner for the “exercise” challenge will get the “Fitbit’ device and winner for the “Reading” challenge will get the “Kindel Book Reader” or “one-year subscription of Audible App”.

More than 27% team member read at least one book in that year, and more than 41 team members did exercise/workout. When, I asked them to reflect their experience to read books, doing exercise and being a part of the challenge, it summed up this way.

Reading books helps to learn something instead of wasting time with TV shows or Social Media. Through Exercise, I lose weight up to 5 kg and feels more energized. Participating in the challenge feels motivated to do something. I also think that how much it is essential for self-improvement and people surrounding you.

Shailesh Patel // Project Manager @ Multidots

Reading keeps me calm and helps me in self-development. Exercise rejuvenates me.

Mansi Trivedi // Frontend Developer @ Multidots

After reading books, I felt very confident. There were so many good examples and experience that helps me to improve my management knowledge. Also, I am implementing a few of those practices in my routine work.

Chirag Patel // Project Manager @ Multidots

Winners of the challenge

The winner for the “Exercise Challenge” is the Kaushik Baroliya (Manager – UI & UX Designs at Multidots). He exercised for 235 days and beat my score of 149 days. “Shailesh Patel” has the second highest score of 185 days. Chirag Patel is also the one with 140 days score. Congratulations to “Kaushik Baroliya.”

There wasn’t any real winner for the “Reading Challenge” as no one beat my score of 15 books but Mansi Trivedi (Frontend Developer at Multidots) is the only participant who has the second highest score of 8 books so I decided to nominate her for the winner in this category. Congratulations “Mansi Trivedi”.

My real achievement and satisfaction were to witness these new habits built and formed by my team. I am very proud and glad that not only the team participated in this challenge but also motivated enough to continue what they started in 2018 after being a part of the challenge.

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