Small Successes, Radical Results

Are you one of those who got a lot of dreams and goals in their life? Want to be very successful? And know already what has to be done in order to achieve your goals, or don’t know at all. And you might also be one of those who are working so hard to develop discipline for success and struggle to maintain the constant and consistent success or achievements. Or you just might need the daily motivation or energy to stay on your goals. I got you and I understand what you feel and the difficulties that you face.

It’s not that easy to stay motivated every day. Most of the time we give up on ourself for our dreams and goals. Either we consider ourself not prepared or convince ourself that it will take too long for you to get that. When we are working on something big, Staying motivated every day is the kind of pills that is hard to swallow. In this rapidly changing and fastly moving world, socially we are getting wired to be more and more impatient for the results or outcome of the efforts and so the same is with our success. And few times, not having a quick (timely) success lead us to give up or demotivate. It happened to me several times. Therefore, I have decided to start practicing on a achieving and celebrating small success and utilizing that as the building block for my bigger goals.

Sense and satisfaction of completing something small consistently is the very important building block for your main big goals. It gives you a constant daily energy boost that you can utilize to work on your main goals. Let me share such small goals which fuel my daily energy and ultimately giving me confidence, happiness and proud to work on my bigger and long-term goals.

Reading Books (One Chapter a Day) 

I have set up a goal to read at least one chapter a day and 2 books a month. Before I wind down into the bed when I finish a chapter of the book, it reminds me of my discipline and gives me a positive energy that though it’s very small I have consistently accomplished something. Reading a book and finishing it despite all the evil friends like Facebook, Netflix, WhatsApp etc is the kind of success you should not miss to celebrate. I hate book reading and I told this to myself and my several friends many times. The main reason I read books is to enjoy this small success and satisfaction, but I also get new learnings, develop good discipline. Every time, I complete a book, it gives a sense of achievements that is incomparable. I feel confident, energetic, motivated and most of all I feel proud of myself. So try this and enjoy this small little success to finish reading a book. It’s so simple to start but trust me very very powerful energy and confidence booster.

Taking Stairs (Few steps daily)

Another thing I have started recently is to take 500 steps of stairs daily. I know it’s very challenging to go to the gym every day – cost time and money. But taking a few stairs every day and specifically, if you do in the morning it’s great little motivation at the starting of the day. Start with 50 or 100 or whatever you are comfortable to start with. Doing this one small thing daily where it might just take 15-20 mins, easy to do no particular setup like gym require. Will keep you fit. Will open up your mind and body to brainstorm. Save money and time.

There are several such small goals such as

  • Drinking x number of litters/bottles of water daily.
  • Reading x number of blogs/articles a day.
  • Doing 15 mins of Yoga/Meditation.
  • Walking 15-20 mins a day.

Once you set up and achieve such small goals not only it will give you some knowledge or health benefits but will be a great source of mental strength and energy.

Dreaming big and aiming high is very important – without a doubt but focusing on “Small Goals and Small Success” can be a very good building block to more success and bigger achievements.  Your energy is the key driver to your success. And these small little successes are the great Charging Station for your daily energy. Start building this habit of small success and see how it lift you up to get you ready for the big one. Consider this small goal as a litmus test for your big goals. If you get this you will surely get the other one.

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  1. Very well composed and explained. It’s great to see such useful and informative post where you could actually relate. I too am trying to be on the same path and achieve discipline. Hope to get there soon. Cheers and thank you for sharing.

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