2018 – New Year – New Goals

After a wonderful and eventful 2017. It’s time to welcome 2018 – a new year with new goals.  Most of the times it’s easy to do the things that are interesting for us. But interest alone won’t make us successful.  It has to be supported by good habits and good discipline.  Continues discipline becomes habit eventually and continues habit becomes your interest. And if we learn this art of discipline it’s quite easy to build new interests that will help us to make stronger and better to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.

I have started to work on this formula aggressively since 2016. I hated workout and reading books were boring to me. But, the kind of big dreams and goals that I have, I didn’t have any option than developing these new interests, and I have written more about my Workout and Book Reading Goals of 2016 and 2017 here.

New Goal for 2018 – Writing

2 Blogs/month & 24 Blogs in Year

Problem Solving is my key passion. I keep looking for some interesting problem to fix every time. Forecasting and preventing the future problem is also very exciting to me. All of these requires lots of thinking and brainstorming. It’s imperative to reflect and express my thinking and solutions that I have applied to solve the different problems. Also, I am sort of Introvert, and therefore, I think writing is the perfect new interest for me to develop. Also, I have a plan and dream to write and publish few books. I am a terrible writer at this stage. Therefore, I think Blog Writing would be the perfect start in this direction, and this blog is the first humble beginning in the year of 2018 towards my goal.

New Challenge for my Multidots Team in 2018

I don’t like to grow alone :-). Therefore, I am throwing this two challenges to my team at Multidots.

Exercise Challenge – (20 days/month & 240 days in Year)

I am going to continue with my Workout goal of 2016 this year as well. The one who beats my personal score of 2018 with the highest score will get this reward.

fitbit-alta-replacement-band-sports-fitbit Fitbit BandYoga, Cardio, Floor Exercise, Outdoor, and bodybuilding workout would be counted as exercise.

  • Need to track and record the workout on the phone using any health tracker app.
  • If you are exercising at any health club, your attendance report will also be counted as 1 hours per day if you don’t track the exercise.
  • Minimum, 1 hour of exercise is required to count as 1 day.

Book Reading Challenge – (2 books/month & 24 Books in Year)

I am also going to continue with my reading goal of 2017 this year. And these are few of the books from reading wishlist of 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.21.08 AMThe one who beats me with the highest number books reading in 2018 will get these rewards.

41xw0uegcml-_sx342_ql70_Full year subscription of Audible Gold Membership in 2019


616y1qzhetl-_sl1000_Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader 

  • Only those books count that you have started to read in 2018 and finish before end of the year.
  • All the books that you have read on Kindle device, Audible App or Paperback version will be counted.

I will announce the winner in early 2019 on my blog and other runners-ups with the scores and facts on all these three goals.

Let’s make this 2018 big. Develop few new disciplines, explore few new interests and build new good habits.

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