2017 – The year of Learning, Travelling and Exuberances

It’s the first day of the new year of 2018 and the wonderful time to look back and see what we have done – the things that we regret as well as the things made us proud and happy.

In one line my 2017 was a year filled with travels, learning, working on the new challenges, setting up the self-discipline, immense exuberances and solving new problems. Here are some of the key highlights of my 2017.

    • Traveling – I have made total 7 trips and visited 6 difference countries – Romania, UK, Singapore, US, France and Mexico this year. 1 (2)
    • Apple Device Family – There were few new entries of devices into my apple device family and few upgrades. I bought Apple iPhone 7+, Apple iPhoneX, Apple AirPod, MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Apple Watch Series 3 only. 🙂
    • Book Readings – I have read all of these books this year as part of my book reading goal.
    • Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 2.26.52 PMWorkouts – I worked very hard on my workout goal in 2017. I have managed to workout for approx 170 days and burn 39,465 calories in a whole year.
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    • Conferences & Events – I have also participated in the several different conferences and events whole year and made new friends and connections.
    • IMG_0478

It was a wonderful 2017 and the art of discipline that I have experienced and experimented has been the key take away for me and now I am planning to dream and do something big and better in 2018.

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