My Entrepreneurial Journey – An Interview by Mastermind Group

I have been invited as the guest speaker by the Mastermind Group in the United States as part of their “Hustle Smarter” series. The Mastermind group is the bunch of people who are the owners of digital marketing agencies and experts in digital marketing in the United States and some other part of the World. Their objective is to share the knowledge, help and compliment each other and push to grow and hustle smart.

In this podcast interview series, I was asked to answer and address following things and I really enjoyed and honoured sharing my experience and experiments from founding Multidots and growing it to 100+ satisfied employees and happy clients who are the lean startup, big businesses and enterprises around the world.

  • My entrepreneural journey with Multidots and key reasons to start Multidots.
  • How do we approach and work with enterprise clients?
  • Importance of Relationship with Customer, Employee and Community.
  • The role of Money/Finance in the business growth. How to treat money in business?
  • What is the process that we have set up to grow and scale Multidots?
  • Our transition curve from a small startup to the big agency – when and how it happened?
  • How do we interact with our clients and maintain a healthy and personal relationship with them?
  • What’s next with Multidots and things that we are up to?
  • Which are the Companies or Entrepreneurs that we inspire from?
  • How do I manage my Work-Life Balance?

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